There’s rarely worse pain in life than stepping on a stray LEGO block (and I speak from experience). First-world problems, right? Yet, it’s sad so many floors are littered with LEGOs. We could blame the kiddos, but… we buy the LEGOs, encourage their imagination and, dogonit, there’ll be time to have a clean house after they’re grown and out of it. What do we do in the meantime?

Well, The LEGO and Swedish house furnishing manufacturer IKEA teamed up to produce some pretty cool, officially licensed LEGO storage boxes.

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BYGGLEK LEGO Storage Boxes

BYGGLEK is yet another hard-to-pronounce collection by IKEA. The inner portion works just like any other storage bin: you put your stuff (i.e. LEGOs) inside and the floor becomes a safe space for your feet.


It’s the specialized lids which really make the BYGGLEK containers unique. These studded lids are used to stack multiple BYGGLEKs on top of each other but more importantly, they are a safe place to assemble your LEGO creations.

One of the worst things about playing with LEGOs is having to clean up and disassemble all your hard work once you’re done. The BYGGLEK lids allow you to display your creations on top, but they can also be turned over so you can store your creation upside down INSIDE the box. This not only prevents your work from accumulating dust (which is a nightmare to remove from LEGO pieces), but it also lets you hide your work until you complete your masterpiece.

YouTube video

It’s a simple solution to both the LEGO cleaning problem and the issue of having to break your work down every time once it’s finished. The BYGGLEK containers require a bit of assembly, as seen in the above video by Jay’s Brick Blog, but they aren’t hard to make at all.

These handy containers will be available to the masses on October 1, 2020. If you have kids at home with LEGOs and an active imagination, the date can’t come sooner.


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