Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

This week we saw everything from an exclusive interview with two of the biggest names in MCAD to the introduction of our new Design Entrepreneur Series, a new 3D printing technology, some unearthed Buckminster Fuller interviews and more…

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Oh and uh…don’t forget to shed some much-needed sunlight on your face, too.

Carl Bass + Jon Hirschtick = CAD in The Cloud Interview of the Year.


“We managed to wrangle Jon Hirschtick (Founder and Chairman, Onshape) and Carl Bass (CEO, Autodesk) into answering the same six questions about CAD in the Cloud, including the ultimate, whiz-bang question of the year at the end: “How do Fusion 360, Onshape, and 3DEXPERIENCE differ?” You saw it here first, folks. A SolidSmack exclusive, side-by-side interview with two of the biggest names in MCAD today…”

Behind the Design: ORANGE Vessel Company’s Ceramic Craft Beer Growlers


“I was stoked to hear that Rob Englert and his business partner Steve Tarolli have spent the past few months creating these beautiful growlers. It’s always great to see people following their passions. As I dug into their story, there was much more depth and body to ORANGE Vessel Company‘s ceramic craft beer growlers than drink-toting design excellence alone…”

Carbon3D’s New CLIP Technology Rapidly Speeds Up Desktop 3D Printing


“It’s no secret that although 3D printing has emerged to become a mainstream technology, the speed of being able to convert a digital file into a physical object leaves much to be desired regardless of the additive manufacturing technology being used…”

BetaBox: A Rapid Prototyping Lab You Can Put Anywhere


“How would you connect the budding thinkers of the future with the best of the innovative tools to realize their dreams?”

Researchers Design a Device That Lets Hearing Impaired Listen with Their Tongues


“Being deaf or hard of hearing can be a difficult impairment to overcome and while some turn to learning sign language to communicate, others turn to getting cochlear implants, which give them the ability to hear for the first time or regain some of their hearing after their loss…”

Design Entrepreneur Series: Melanie Abrantes of Melanie Abrantes Designs


“In this brand-spankin-new series, we’re going to feature a wide variety of designer-turned-entrepreneurs who have elevated their design and engineering skills into functioning businesses…”

Behind the Design: The Yogurt-Inspired Carved Bowl by Kutarq Studio


“You would think that for as long as wood has been around, its various possibilities and forms within its natural state would have been exhausted by now – not unlike various pop music melodies. However every now and again, we’re reminded of just how many more possibilities are out there that takes the old and trusted material in new directions. Among the more recent designs that have taken a simple wood block in a new direction is the Carved Bowl from Kutarq Studio…”

Old Buckminster Fuller Interviews Come to Life in New PBS Animated Short


“It’s hard to not talk about the history of design without “Bucky Fuller” being mentioned at least once. The designer, architect, systems theorist and neo-futurist is famous for dipping his talent in multiple projects ranging from transportation design to urban planning and beyond…”