A small plan hatched from beneath an elderberry tree. The five had their suits, goggles, razor loaded pulse rifles and a penchant for adventure. Once aboard the carrier high overhead, their vein implants would take over. They would never look the same again, but neither would their attackers after a few blasts from these links.

Arnaud Pheu – Simply beautiful scenes with loads of light and aggressive angles, plus dragons.

Pixels – The year is now. Alien lifeforms have sent old school video games to destroy us. Pac-man like you’ve never seen him + an easter egg to unlock a special character.

Head over Heels – A mesmerizing short on a couple who are head over heels in more ways than one, until one day…

The Photographic Dictionary – Lindley Warren has constructed this resource “dedicated to defining words through the literal,
figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.”

303 – Get your music-making on with the 303-style browser synth. Just start by hitting ‘Play’ in the upper left corner.

Flood map – An interactive map… to see what it would take… to flood your own town.

38 Things… – every startup founder should know. As it happens, many are also things everybody should know, including, “Learn something new every day. One thing at least.”

Alexey Trofimov – His photographs of ice hummocks are particularly awesome.

Microbe and Germs – How do you make any cultural reference, pop icon or disease more interesting? Cross-stitching of course.

I’m from Barcelona – I’m not really, but I do enjoy Barcelona and this music video by Violins is also called the same.


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