You would think that for as long as wood has been around, its various possibilities and forms within its natural state would have been exhausted by now – not unlike various pop music melodies. However every now and again, we’re reminded of just how many more possibilities are out there that takes the old and trusted material in new directions. Among the more recent designs that have taken a simple wood block in a new direction is the Carved Bowl from Kutarq Studio.

The Spanish studio, which has been led by architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló since he founded it in 2012, has worked on everything from furniture and lighting to various housewares. Regardless of the final product, each is the result of a methodical process in which material and formal research play a paramount role. The finished pieces are not only timeless and simple but also meet user needs in innovative ways that almost always highlight the raw materials from which they are made.

The studio’s Carved Bowl was inspired – of all things – by the texture left in a bowl of yogurt while eating it with a spoon. Due to the natural act of eating yogurt, various concave areas are left behind leaving behind a valley of craters whose form is – understandably – easily missed. However with the Carved Bowl, the studio decided to replicate this form with a wood vessel that allows a user to have separate storage areas for placing their belongings or everyday carries.

To produce the bowls, the studio worked closely with a wood turning workshop in Spain that uses traditional tools and techniques in an effort to help preserve the natural qualities of the raw material. To help achieve the final shape, the wood turners used different centers for carving each void and the resulting form is among the better uses of raw wood that we’ve seen in a while.










While the studio is still busy producing units to sell, you can stay updated by heading over to the Kutarq Studio site.


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