It’s hard to not talk about the history of design without “Bucky Fuller” being mentioned at least once. The designer, architect, systems theorist and neo-futurist is famous for dipping his talent in multiple projects ranging from transportation design to urban planning and beyond.

Along the way, he somehow managed to publish over 30 books on his inventions, theories and designs and is also known for coining various terms including the commonly-used synergetic and ephemeralization.

But aside from the many projects he managed to complete over his lifetime, it is perhaps his Geodesic domes that he has become the most well-known for. The domes – which Fuller first developed during the 1940s – were born out of the designer’s fascination with material usage and energy efficiency.

“I must reorganize the environment of man by which then greater numbers of men can prosper.” -B. Fuller

In this new animated short from Quoted Studios – a nonprofit dedicated to uncovering and reimagining the American interview – iconic interviewer Studs Terkel talks with Fuller about life hurdles, technology and the desire to build a better future … even if it’s one that you may not be around for.

“I was born in the era of the specialist. I set about to be purposely comprehensive, just the opposite. And I made up my mind that you don’t just find out something to entertain yourself, you must find out things in order to be able to turn everything, not just in a philosophical statement, but into actually tools. I must reorganize the environment of man by which then greater numbers of men can prosper. That’s been my main undertaking.”

The interview is a part of a new series from Quoted Studios called The Experimenters – which focuses on icons of science, innovation, technology and what spurred their creative thinking. The entire webpage devoted to the animated Fuller short above is worth checking out, if for no other reason than to hear the Studs Turkel interviews in-full.


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