Don your favorite bath robe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this weekend’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

This week we saw everything from how Japanese Kokeshi dolls are made to a new line of Steve McQueen-inspired futuristic motorcycles and…you can use SolidWorks to simulate a zombie attack?

So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Behind the Design: This is How a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Is Made

“Ahhhh. I tell you what, a hand-carved object is a breath of fresh wood shavings. In an age where we’re shocked at eating veggies straight from the garden and most can’t use a jackknife to shave a spear or hunt a squirrel, a guy with a lathe and a piece of native hardwood seems almost magical. Case in point, Yasuo Okazaki, born in 1954, started making Kokeshi dolls after high school. He’s been making them for over 40 years and the process is mesmerizing…”


Beam: Watch a Minimalist Stool Go From Sheet Metal to Finished Product

“While glimpses into the design process and fabrication methods have become more available than ever thanks to cheaper video cameras (e.g. smartphones), free online video hosting and overall public interest, it’s still not too common when a video spans the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product…”


KeyShot 5.1 Update: Luxion Announces Multi-Touch Support, Pattern Updates, New Materials and More…

“Back in May of 2014, Luxion released their much-anticipated Keyshot 5 that saw a host of improvements to their popular rendering package. Among other new features included the popular ‘Perspective Matching’ option for accurately placing a model in a scene and the introduction of Keyshot Cloud to further enable the Keyshot user community to instantly share and download various Keyshot assets including materials and environments. Yesterday, Luxion has added even more robust features to Keyshot 5 with their Keyshot 5.1 update…”


Create a Miniature Desktop 3D Printer for $60 With This Clever E-Waste Hack

“Every so often a project comes along on Instructables that really, truly is useful…if for nothing but creating great conversations. The ‘EWaste 60$ 3DPrinter’ from first-time Instructables author mikelllc is one of those projects…”


Learn How to Automate with Macros in MODO in 20 Minutes

“For those who frequently use The Foundry’s MODO 3D modeling and rendering package, any opportunity to speed up the workflow can be a huge timesaver that can leave more room for actually designing rather than bouncing between tools. If you’ve ever recorded ‘Actions’ in Adobe Photoshop, then the concept will be familiar to you. In a nutshell, Macros (as they are called) are user-created commands that can automate just about anything that you find yourself frequently doing in MODO…”


Husqvarna Channels Steve McQueen For Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

“Known partly for their famous connection to Steve McQueen (thanks in no small part to a legendary Sports Illustrated cover), Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna has been called “the two-wheeled version of what Mini is to BMW’s car division” since being bought by the automotive giant in July of 2007…”


Behind the Scenes at Ferrari’s Maranello, Italy Factory

“Consisting of over 15,000 square meters of world-class automobile manufacturing equipment, the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy is one of the most iconic and visited automobile manufacturing facilities in the world…”


Thailand-Based ‘Studiohole’ Knows a Thing or Two About Designing with Concrete

“It’s hard not to appreciate concrete from a manufacturing standpoint regardless of your taste for or against the cool minimalist aesthetic. Between its widespread availability and ability to be formed into literally any cavity, concrete is an excellent medium for the cheap up-front cost of manufacturing with it alone…”


Use SolidWorks Simulation as a Tool for Preparing for Zombie Attacks

“We can’t believe that we missed this one pre-Halloween…but it’s just too dang good to not put out either way. Originally conceived of by Stephen Endersby, a Product Manager over at SolidWorks, this zombie-themed SolidWorks Simulation activity effectively helps you learn the basics of simulation in SolidWorks while testing zombie attack survival strategies…”


DIY Weekend Smack: Sugru Overmolding Using 3D Printed Molds

“Since it was developed by a post-grad student in Kilkenny, Ireland–Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh–Sugru has been an indispensable tool for those looking to apply quick fixes to industrial design problems ranging from weak iPhone cords to sharp edges and protective bumpers…”