Consisting of over 15,000 square meters of world-class automobile manufacturing equipment, the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy is one of the most iconic and visited automobile manufacturing facilities in the world.

Having been the location for the famous Ferrari factory since the early 1940s, Enzo Ferrari chose the Northern Italy spot due to complications having to do with bombings during World War II.

Ferrari history buffs will also be quick to note that this same factory also manufactured machine tools while Enzo was sorting out use of the Ferrari name with Alfa Romeo after having left working for the company that first hired him in 1920.

More recently, photographer Luca Locatelli had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and document the factory in its current operational state…which includes churning out over 7,000 highly-engineered units each year.

According to Ferrari:

“This (the factory) is an ongoing project and encompasses everything from the layout of the buildings to the pathways for both people and components alike, the functionality of the various activities carried out, and, most importantly of all, the well-being of the people that do the actual work.”











Be sure to check out the rest of Locatelli’s photos from his factory visit as well as his other incredible photo galleries.


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