So – you decided to attend Burning Man. And above the Mutant Cars and the becostumed attendees, you notice a quadcopter flying about, with what appears to be a figurine hanging underneath it. Just then, you hear an alarming sound coming from one of a becostumed woman – its coming from a device in her hands. As it moves, it becomes apparent that the Quadcopter is homing in on her. And as it hovers above, kicking up dust, she reaches up, plucks this figurine hanging from the copter, which immediately flies off. There is a noticeable silence for a second, then wild applause from the crowds. You approach, and realize that the figurine in the hands of this girl is, of herself. Incredulously, you ask – “Um…where did you get that….what … what is this?”. She points to a far-off dome and replies, “Go over there – they scan you and then give you a GPS when you leave – when the printing is done they send it to you.”

UPS and 3D Systems Need More Quadcopters

Yes – this is the aim of Project: Blue Sky to do exactly that. They are halfway to their target of $7,800 and have a short, 24 hours to go. The sheer, wiley hilarity of the whole project and the delivery …. it’s endearing and deserving of a mention. Even if they don’t hit their target, i hope they go ahead anyways! The campaign page is here!

YouTube video

Via: The Verge