Well now, some crazy weekend news to make the Mac users in the house choke on their brunch. Autodesk is indeed working on a AutoCAD version for the Mac. Not virtualized, not via Parallels, but native on the Mac.

Screenshots have been posted. Most assuredly without the go ahead from mother Autodesk. No matter, because the news is now blanketing the internet. It’s Beta 1 of AutoCAD – Mac Edition. The Sledgehammer preview. Here’s a look at what Autodesk is bangin’ out.

It looks as though it’s been ported straight over from Windows and is kinda bare looking, but does look to have full magic mouse and trackpad gesture capability.  Actually reminds me of the days when AutoCAD was simpler looking. What do you think? Something you would use? and the other question… Is Inventor, Revit or 3D Studio Max next?

The main comments from the forum posting where the screenshots first popped up were…

  • The beta is only 64 bit
  • It works really bad for now
  • This version was passed on by a friend and beta tester for Autodesk…
  • friend is not happy that screenshots were posted

Here’s a short video on the new AutoCAD for Mac a reader submitted. This looks to be an early Beta version. The user shows opening the program, erasing a line and offsetting the line again. Simple… and the layout is basic, but it’s certainly there. There’s also another video here on YouTube.


Images of the original screenshots that surfaced, via Arch Daily.

BIG hat tip to Jorge Rui! Thanks! Via MacRumors.


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