If you could, you know you would turn your car, your cubicle and every room in your house into a discotheque that would make Tony Manero and your friends do a flying disco split simultaneously.

If you need a good example of what it could be like, take a look at the ‘sensory box’ developed by Paris based Superbien for the Mobile World Congress event. You might not feel like dancing after you watched it, but you may very well slip into a trance like coma as the visuals pound your neural net.

ENVISION: Step into the sensory box. Under this name hides the immersive experience offered by Alcatel-Lucent to its customers at the last Mobile World Congress. An experience-based video mapping designed by the agency and the Department SUPERBIEN New Media Agency Auditorium. The public was invited into a cube and discover an artistic vision of the tagline of the event: Transforming the mobile experience.

How it’s Done
This is created using video performance software which uses a technique called ‘projection mapping’ which as the name implies projects video onto actual structures. In this example, the boxes are modeled using 3D software and then the models are used to create a 3D animation which can be projected onto the boxes. You can see the process of how this is done with this video. Kinda gives yo uan appreciation for the amount of work put into mapping complex animations on simple cubes, doesn’t it?

Via Gizmodo


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