The crushing rush of wind pushed the ship forward. By this time, most of the shifters had already replicated their phase units, save for one. He stood at the bow, looking down at the massive vortex. Turning his gaze to the sky, he gave one last shout and summoned these links.

Blaine Fontana – The oddly surreal, strangely fantastic art of Blaine Fontana. Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media and more.
Slingshot of Death – “I present to you…” a device that is larger than most other weapons which shoots six 20mm steel balls.
How to get a Massive Ship in the Water – Not just a ship. A MASSIVE Ship. Shove, drop, plop. Then, hope it floats and doesn’t tip over.
Sitting = Death – You’ve know it for years, this puts it into perspective. Our ergo, sedentary sitting is killing us.
3 Dreams of Black – A trippy WebGL video experiment from Chris Milk (Chrome required – Canary works best)
Murderbox – A gallery of the $6000 liquid-cooled gaming rig. Get a drool cup. Thanks Chris!


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