I’ll tell you right now, I’ve always wanted to construct a pair of my own flat-packed space shoes, but these… these bring a pain to my mind that has made everyone around me start convulsing in a violent shoe-kicking rage. This stylish little ditty is the brain child of United Nude (He said NUDE!) with inspiration from artist Alicia Framis and the moon life project. They’re designed around the idea of future living IN SPACE – walking around the Lunar environment, taking in the sites, turning heads of other space citizens… if you’re able to put them together. Kick it!

We chose to make a high-heel shoe for indoor use in space. This way we were able to make something elegant and sexy by not having to deal with extreme conditions like temperatures. We also wanted to make shoes that function with gravity like on planet Earth, as we feel that in zero gravity you donít really need shoes.

Besides the obvious reasons, these are kind of eye-catching. (Don’t judge, you like them too, I know it.) The idea of light-weight, space-friendly, flat-packed shoes is interesting, and challenging, especially if you apply it to a shoe for kicking space-alien butt. In case you really, really want to buy these, they have a limited amount available at moon-life.org for $800 space bucks and tank of O2.

Source: Design-Milk


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