The ground cover was softer than he first imagined. A dampness lit by the reflections of light breaking through eroded the shadows, leaving the traveler distracted. But just for a moment. For within the fall of a footstep, where moisture rose like steam, a click was heard, a dry reverb, and thus appeared these links.

Rogério Puhl – His color art illustration is brilliant, but the black & white and subdued palette he uses for some is a beautiful contrast.
Shlian – In times like these, I can’t pass up anything related to paper folding. Matt Shlian folds geometric paper sculptures with the best of them.
Face Sound – Daito Manabe uses electrical impulses sent to your face to control facial movement and thus controlling sound. Cue involuntary twitching about.
Paragraph Shorts – It’s not summer yet, but you’ll want to get these shorts on. The world’s best short stories in this spectacular new iOS app.
Star War/Raider Maps – Andrew DeGraff created a set of maps to illustrate the two great trilogies, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Keep Going – A collaboration between Gatorade and The Berrics with a unique take on a skate session by Chad Ortiz. Behind the scenes here.


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