Falling amongst the brush, it lay. Unseen for decades, the rust did not overtake it nor did the sun etch its silver surface. As it happens, the young lad being thrown from his horse landed in the brush as well. Had his hand fallen but an inch further, this story would not be told, the blade would not be sold and all the magic you have known would be eaten by these links.

Raphael Lacoste – His art has horses, brilliant lighting and epic scenes. That’s all the reason you need.
QlockTwo Touch – Table Clock that tells time in words. Milled from a single aluminum block and only $600.
Arial Mountain Biking – Jamie Johnson mountain biking at Farmer John’s. Shot with a Canon 550d from a HeliPOV.
Get more likes – Less marketing douchbaggery. MORE TANKS. Thanks Al.
Make it Count – Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all. A short from Casey Neistat.
Stitch – If you make stuff you want to sell, or want to make stuff to sell, this online software will help manage that.
Old man and the sea – A stop-motion Sketch film, based on the book of the same by earnest hemingway. Thanks Simon!


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