You know what’s amazing about Crowdfunding? You’re not just buying something – you’re helping make it happen. If I had seen any of these projects on a blog or at a store I would say “Neat-o… Im glad someone made this.” And you know, I might buy it. Now I see these projects and I know that if I don’t contribute, it may not happen. Now I say “Neat-o … I want to make it happen.”

Make it Happen

People love to see a great idea get out the door – it’s different when you know it’s already out there. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are doing so well because they’ve tapped that innate human need to be the first on the block to have something.

For example, how much would you like to be the first among your friends to have a High-Definition, Resin-based 3D Printer? My guess, YES.

YouTube video

I’m so proud of Junior Veloso. I heard of this guy’s work a year ago and he’s on the right track. He’s raised $71,000 in 3 days! This machine utilizes a Projector and a photo-sensitive resin to produce some beautiful work. Check it.

Oh how sweet it is.

And in the category of “Let’s make it out of Bamboo”, we have the iZen Bluetooth Keyboard. Outrageously sexy – although, it looks like an ordinary Apple Keyboard with Bamboo stuck to it. They’ve been funded but there’s only a few hours left to buy one. A bamboo bargain at $85 bucks plus shipping! Get in on it!

After chewing on that, check out The Efeet Collection of … what the hell? Should I eat out of these?

This campaign is sitting at 2K of their 7K needed, and has a couple weeks left. This product is perfect for the gourmand who has a taste for… the unusual – and let him foot the bill while you keep your feet on the table.

Your favorite?