Tied amongst the thistle’s sleeve, yarn of red, millions of strings, flowing with the wind and steam. Only one remain quite still, looking out across the green, wondering of the sea, of sailing on a ship’s high mast to seek out this band of links.

Georgi Dimitrov – Loving the sketchy lines, abstract appeal and crisp colors in this graffiti style illustration. Even some process shots of his wall art.
Paperman – An absolutely stunning animation short from first time director John Kahrs that uses a new technique to blend computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques.
Chops – The chef’s guide to knives is an infographic that will have you cutting like the pros or, at least, trying to.
Papercuts – Speaking of cutting, this cool little Chrome app lets you keep notes right in your browser, tabbed and even works with Sync.
Chainsaw Slingshot – This probably isn’t that dangerous. Joerg Sprave of the slingshot channel explains the workings of the massive device made to fire mini-chainsaws.
Fantasy maps – A small index of fantasy maps from many a fantsay book, but alas, no Narniam Drogon Nimbus, Perlandra or Lord of the Rings, so yeah.
Natalis – Hmmm, what would you do with a newborn baby creature that was destined to wreck havoc across the land? Daniel Brkovic’s and Jan-Marcel’s introduce you to where the story begins.


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