This Steampunk World could very well be a replica of the actual world sent back from the future. I’m guessing it’s exactly what the world will look like in… oh, let’s say 2840… give or take a few decades. It was created by Mauricio Chong (aka MacBurro) after discovering Shapeways and realizing that you can ‘even make a shop’ to sell them ‘I guess’.

3D Printed Steampunk World

He modeled the mini-world–devoid of oceans, held together by only by a decaying support structure–in 3ds Max and a little ZBrush love, but what inspired it was the whole discovery of 3D printing. From Maurico’s Diviantart page

This little world figurine was made because I was investigating 3D printing services and found this page where you can upload your models and they print them for you (and even make a “shop” where you put your models and they sale them I guess). The bad part is, I didn’t have a model that could be printed in 3D, so I made this one for trying that. This model is a little world desk decoration, influenced by all the steampunk stuff I’ve seen the last few days. The trick to modeling for 3d printing, is that you can’t use bump maps, and everything has to be one big mesh… so this is my first try using that kind of technique.

The small (6cm x 6cm or 2.4in x 2.4in) version is available for $38 and the larger (9.7 x 9.7cm or 3.8 x 3.8in) version is available for $182. I only wish the price of printing would come down as this would look great in Fine Detail Black or even as a multi-material print.





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