3d cutaway artAnd what did he say when I peeked over the edge? Nothing. He starred at me with his glowing eye and dropped the oil bucket all over the new carpet. It’s like trying to control rebellious and highly interesting links… like these.

3D Cutaways of the Future – The largest set of 3D cutaway art I’ve found. Great artist, spaceships, robots, laser guns, a ton of it.
Paper AK-47 – The best, most detailed paper Kalashnikov on the market. Thanks Al.
Indexed – Jessica Hagy’s real simple relational (and funny) diagrams to help you understand life better. Thanks Ben.
Poked Studios Rock it – Yeah, these guys rock the illustration scene and have a bunch of wallpapers for you to drool over.
Clean your workspace and keep it that way – Seriously, it’s looking rough with all those paper laying about. I’d get rid of the filling cabinet though.
Flickr vomiting Panda – cause, yeah, that’s special.


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