3dprinting for solidworksTake a big, long sniff. That’s not your CAD skills that smell so sweet, it’s the smell of a slick new add-on to make your jaw drop in abject horror at the price it will cost to have a 3D model printed.

But that is ok, because Print3D has made it work right inside SolidWorks as an add-on that gives you quick pricing information as you go through design iterations. The best part about the add-on… it’s Free. Here’s a look at how it works.

It’s super cool
You select File, Print3D and it immediately shows you the price and give you options fro process, material, and finish.

If that isn’t cool enough, when you hit Save Quote (and login) it generates a PDF quotation with all the info you need to provide to accounting and emails it to you. When you decide you want to dish out the coin for your soon to be sintered part, you select Order and have the options of paying with a Credit Card, Paypal, or opening a line of credit.

There’s a stand-alone version as well as add-ons(plugins) for Alibre, AUtoCAD, Inventor, Rhino, SolidEdge, SpaceClaim and SolidWorks. Plugins for 3DSMax, May, PRo/E, Revit and others are coming.

Would this actually help you or cause you to use 3D-prototyping more often?

Via Develop3D


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