Thick slides and ungreased scrapping of wooden drawers filled the hallway. The air grew dark, sounds muffled, as if all the days of rabbit storm had been combined into one moment where the children hid beneath their desks, clinging to raw carrot juice, keeping extra clips at the ready and entertaining their minds with these links.

Jon McCoy – What strange and interesting characters await outside the ruins of the city? What ships and vehicles? The concepts of John McCoy takes you there and beyond.
Turn your phone‘Please film in landscape mode…’ Song by Jonathan Mann that finally addresses to wrongness of filming vertical.
Olly Moss variants – Working with Mondo and Studio Ghibli, Olly created these two posters of Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away, available only at SDCC.
Foxed – A wonderful making of about the stop-motion short from James Stewart’s Foxed, coming in September. Trailer here.
3D Printed book – They are a thing of the past now. Perhaps this will provide the inspiration to create your own book of reliefs and other business. Perhaps not.
Human-powered helicopter – It only took 33 years, but a group has finally claimed the prize for human-powered helicopter flight–64.1 seconds at 3.3 meters–this is the compilation.
Urbance – Slick animation style gives grit and color to this future romance where gangs form around gender segregation.
Night Stroll – Light scape of the Tokyo streets. So well done and set to Ris Paul Ric’s Purple Blaze.


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