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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

The Vessel – Smoth, we found you a new place to play with your bath crayons. Yes Yes Yes! The Vessel from UK-based design firm Splinter Works is our new favorite napping spot of all time. Designed to be used in a wet room, this carbon fiber bathtub suspends from the wall with a hammock-like form and features a bath tap and drainage spout at the base. Napping will never be the same. Check it out at

Ringtool – The Ringtool just might put an end to all the keychain multitools Kickstarter projects out there. Designed by industrial designer Jonathan Sabutis, the Ringtool features 9 different tools on a simple circular base. Get yours for $30 over on Kickstarter today.

Foresee – Foresee is the new weather app that not only provides you with the typical forecast information, but also allows you to input your intended activities for the day. Once your daily activities are entered, the app automatically organizes your day based on the best time to do them in relation to the weather in a very well-considered interface. Very cool. Check it out on iTunes for $.99.

Weber’s On the Grill – And perhaps one of those daily activities is a good ‘ol BBQ party. Once you find the best time to avoid being rained out, be sure to check out Weber’s On the Grill App. Featuring over 320 grilling recipes, a grilling reference and learning guide, and timers for different grill times, this is the quintessential app to keep in your Kiss the Cook apron. Check it out on iTunes for $5.

Teardrop Camper Trailer – There’s still time for a solid project this summer folks. The Teardrop Camper Trailer Project utilizes an old pop-up trailer frame to create a 1930’s inspired camper trailer. Yes, with a cheap trailer frame found on Craigslist, project creator Werner gives you a walkthrough on how to create a custom camping trailer on the cheap. Get inspired and find out more at MAKE Projects.

Marshmallow Revolver Shooter – And if you don’t have time to put together a trailer from scratch, then perhaps the Marshmallow Revolver and Speedloader will suit your DIY fancy this week. This all-new twist on the famous PVC Marshmallow Shooter on Instructables replaces miniature marshmallows with large marshmallows in a traditional swing-out revolver-style assembly. OOOOOHHHH I want one! Safety goggles not included…but check it out at

Canon 70D DSLR – For all you amateur filmmakers out there, Canon has just released the 70D DSLR featuring a much-anticipated Autofocus feature for video. Yes folks, while traditional autofocus systems are built around still-photos and can create jerky motions in video recordings, this new offering from Canon is aimed at focusing smoothly and on the first try when shooting your own videos. Pricey at $1349 for a complete, but still cheaper than pro-level rigs. Check it out at

Griffin Skyview – And finally, you can now replace that sad, tiny, ‘screen-of-an-excuse-for in-flight entertainment’ on your next flight with your iPad or any other tablet for a customized in-flight movie marathon. The Griffin Skyview is a universal hands-free adapter designed to clip onto the locking mechanism of airline seat tray tables. Load up your Star Wars trilogy and try not to make Chewbacca noises when the free pretzels come.

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