It’s one thing if you’re just standing there waiting for the subway to come by, it’s a completely different thing if you’re standing there minding your business, maybe reading a paper, and someone throws beans point-blank into your face. These links help the stinging though.

Creatures in my Head – The enchanting and wonderful illustrative works of Andrew Bell will not give you nightmares.
Twingly – the greatest of blog search engine launched yesterday. Subscribing to searches and looking at blog profiles is way fun.
Google Reader Easter Egg – Special things await the one that uses the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right b a) in Google Reader. Thanks noych! – Home search that helps find the coolest place to live.
DIY Planner Kits – Release your obsessions and get organized with the ultimate in free ‘Getting Things Done” planner templates.
Photojojo Father’s Day Gift Guide – You have two days left to get something nice for pops. This may spur some ideas.. or some guilt.
A Weekend with Warren Buffett – What one question would you ask the richest man in the world? Here’s what Tim Ferriss asked.


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