Chilly! Seems it’s blown off again… and with this fog settling in those skin scavengers are gonna be a might skittish. Best we load the the flank batteries with some of mama’s porridge and these links.

Jon Foster – The world famous illustrator will rule your mind with worlds and creatures unimagined.
The Third & The Seventh – Absolutely… astounding. Complete breathtaking CG looking at architecture from a photographic perspective.
A Basic Guide to Photoshop’s 3D Tools – Goes from formats to primitives to lighting. Great overview and why ya need to watch what Adobe is up to.
Win Bacon for a Decade – A couple slices here and there are ok, but bacon… for an entire decade?! Need we say more?
Turn your skills into cash – Ramit hits on all cylinders. Give’s ya a bit of a template to knock those gears loose.
Perfect Strangers Intro – The Perfect Strangers Intro… remade… shot by shot… in Seattle… BALKI!!!
Milky Way timelapse – Shot from the alps. Behold the splendor.

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