So, I’m sitting here throwing make-shift tablet styluseseseses at my face waiting for a massive Cintiq 21″ tablet to arrive so I can test it out, when I see Jordan Tadic from 3D Vision showing off how he used SolidWorks on a Wacom Cintiq.

It’s tablet pickin’ fun of the highest caliber… or next to highest caliber. Check out the video overdubbed with Mystic Bounce by DJ Madlib… some right proper tunage for such sketchin’ and groovin’. After you see it, what do you think? Would you want to use one?

Jordan uses a Wacom Cintiq 21″ tablet. It cost $1999, allows you to use a stylus directly on the screen and makes everyone else without one buy you meals just saw they can look over your shoulders while you work your magic.

I wish he would have kept the camera on the tablet as he used SolidWorks. The workflow for bringing in/simplifying vectors is a fairly standard process. Would have been nice to see more of him actually working. Anyway…

Improving the Sketch Process

Obviously, the main demographic for the Cintiq tablet is the graphic artist. As product developers using mCAD programs, most of us don’t want to go from Photoshop to Illustrator to SolidWorks. That’s just one workflow though, one that works for people who like to sketch their concept views first. You can start directly in SolidWorks, but you won’t have the same functionality as those graphics programs the Cintiq is made specifically for. I’m convinced this is where we’ll see big changes over the next couple years.

Why? I’ve thought about buying one of the 21″ Cintiq tablets, but with Windows 7and all-in-one computers, along with touch device production beginning to ramp up and a slew of tablets (including Apple’s tablet announcement likely to come the end of this month), I’m more excited about the capabilities we’ll see in ‘standard’ hardware.


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