Ya know, once I unearthed the lower structure, it started going a lot easier. There was a cavern though, covered with the slime of a thousand slimy slime-slimes. I threw rocks at’em and these links ate my eyes.

Geoffroy Thoorens – The name of a person that creates very intelligent illustration of massive scenes of sci-fi bliss.
New Rules of Business – A look at an ingenious company, 37 signals, bucking the system, changing eliminating the rules.
Pixels – The famous video of the week. Insanely cool 8-bit video game carnage wreaked on New York.
Scribbler – Ze Frank’s Scribbler. Serious line-exploding fun to doodle the day away. Not a waste of thought or time at all.
Empty School – What you can create with a Canon 7D, 1 month, an empty school and hitting a bunch of stuff that makes noise.
Will an iPad Blend? – Yes, it so will! and what fun it is. But? Will it be pulverized to dust? …take a look.
Underachieving AT-AT’s – I can be rough after so much Star Wars success, here’s the sad outcomes of a few that survived.


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