Look at the guy outside your window swatting a swarm of wasps away from his exposed skin areas. Now look at the guy in the cubicle next to you using Leonar3do 3D. Both look similar except one is screaming and swelling up while the other is smiling and creating 3D object… in 3D space.

You may have seen Leonar3do a few months back. But recently, we caught up with Dániel Rátai and Zoltan Karpati, a couple of the guys behind the VR tech, to find out a little more about their product and how they think it could impact 3D mechanical design.

An idea of what the Leonar3do technology could be used for. Mechanical Design off the screen? image credit: technet.hu
An idea of what the Leonar3do technology could be used for. Mechanical Design off the screen?

What will Leonar3do 3D bring to mechanical cad design for the creation of 3D designs?
We think, that Leonar3Do can help the designers make, in a much more simple way, mechanical 3D product designs faster. We think that we have developed an instrument for their hand which will open a new gateway for their creativity, and help establish a new kind of 3D design methodology.

Do you think this give children a better idea of how designs can be created in 3D?
Our company name which developed Leonar3Do is: 3D for All. We chose this name because we believe that we have created a desktop VR kit which serves benefits all industries and all ages. Of course, it is impossible for a development company which launches its first product on the market to serve every possible software applications; but the open platform of Leonar3Do and the SDK makes it possible for anyone to create or connect any kind of software application. Now, this is true for CAD applications too. We are clearly preparing for a break-through in this area. Therefore one of our aims was to create a product which is easy and intuitive to use – enough that even 8-10 year old children can install and handle it.

Leonar3do 3D - 3D for all

Leonar3do 3D - 3D for all

Leonar3Do package will include the LeoWorld program. LeoWorld supports standard three-dimensional file formats (.obj, .stl, .3ds) so it is compatible with any 3D design software.LeoWorld is the program used to build our personal virtual world (managing 3D virtual objects, free form modeling, animation; drawing in 3D, sketching; creating 3D presentations; designing games, real time physics, etc.) We provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) for Leonar3Do. Therefore any software developer can create, or connect any software to Leonar3Do.

A better example of how Leonar3Do is currently used…

What’s simply ingenious about this technology is that it’s available NOW. Right now. You can order it for $1000 USD (700 EUR + VAT). Plus, it has an open SDK (Software Development Kit) as mentioned above. That means any 3D CAD company willing to tie into this, could feasibly do it.

Another interesting aspect to wrap your thoughts around is the company who developed it and brought it to market. It wasn’t one of the big-name CAD, software or hardware companies. It stands to reason that someone like Logitech, Dassault, Google or Microsoft could acquire them, but it also shows how a few people can impact the idea of how we create models in 3D.


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