We found out way, way too late… by  the time the splinters worked their way out, there were five more digging out of the ground, two at the door and seven disguised as… yes, as these links.

Alexander Preuss – You may think, oh some little art, but then you view his work and your face cramps up… massive.
1cup1coffee.com – Games. Free. Flash. Hundreds. I recommend Little Wheel.
Wrong – Wrong way infomercial montage… or this could possibly be the hour that follow after I wake up every morning.
The Raven – It would have been more believable it he was actually a raven… or if there were ravens at all.
Transparent Nissan 370Z – I tried making myself out of Perspex before. It was a horrible mess and it scared me when it started moving.
Rollercoaster Skates – I know what you’re thinking, but there’s a bit more than a torso left after Dirk is done risking his life with his idea.
8 year old on Ukulele – He puts all those 9 year old Ukulele players to shame… TO SHAME.


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