Releasing the chain’s cusp did no good. It did not move. It would not move. Coated with scales and fur, stretching past the openings at each end of the gorge, it lay there, the last of them. As night fell, there was but one last hope. He wrapped the cord from head to tail and lit each end with these links.

Sergey Kolesov – Incredibly thought capturing and detailed illustration of (mostly) people in their odd environments.
Day in the life of Ants – Ants. Much like you and I, they have a busy life. Captured here by Andrey Pavlov.
Wrecking Crew – Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra performs with a choreographed EL-wire mind explosion your Friday vibe will appreciate.
Pill Bottle survival kit – You never know when a small pill bottle full of matches, duct tape, safety pins and straw packs will come in handy. Here’s how to make it.
Stratocam – Google map satellite images. Curated by you.
a due colori – What happens when you swirl paint into water. Italian photographer Alberto Seveso photographs the beautiful results.
Rocky x Adidas – A doggy track suit for a Maltese puppy. The cuteness will make your face wrinkle.
Winter of Well – The Ski Obsessed Wells family. The Skiing is intense. The camera work is phenomenal.


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