The screws dropped to the floor, growls and wrenching metal echoing down the blast way. The sharp stench always followed. The glowing finger cusps scraping the ships bare edges, felt out the dark interior. Should they find the vault, this time would be different. This time they would face these links.

Seed Seven – Xavier is Seed Seven. You’ll recognize some of the games. This is a handful of his fabulous illustration and character design.
Pedro – He’s an elephant and loves the Galaxy Note. You should see his sketching skills.
Grow moss – Need more moss in your garden? There are a few ways to grow moss on things. This is a fun, easy way.
Ride the wake – If you’ve never seen wake skating or wake surfing, you have now. Collin Harrington with friends and a GoPro HD.
Skeleton light painting – Janne Parviainen is a Helinski-based photographer. He paints these skeletal structures against the landscape using long-exposure techniques.
Black and WTF – Life shot in black and white that make your wonder exactly what it is that is going on, aka wtf.
Hunger Games PSA – “Stand up to Bullies, THEN KILL THEM. Words are weapons, but weapons are also weapons.”
Black Bike – There’s a reason Andrew Dickey doesn’t have a seat on his bike.


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