I often use my scimitar to slice through furniture. Typically, it’s to access something like a pen or cookie and sometimes to free feral cats that have made my desk their home. In much the same way, minus the scimitar and cats, Alessandro Busana created the Cutline project to explore the natural aesthetics of wood and the dual nature that wood plays as a furniture piece. The external, the internal. The covering on the outside and the compartments on the inside that you and various woodland creatures use to store away food and possessions.

Cutline Furniture Design

Alessandro created the CUTLINE pieces for the “Discovering” exhibition at Milano Design Week. Allesandro is also part of the team at Italia-based Smoothplane, who manufactured the furniture, and leads the design and art direction to create the real wood furniture pieces that evoke such emotion with stylish, real wood furniture.

“…the “CUTLINE” project, a line of furniture that defines a dynamism of a precise action, a radical cut, an explicit gesture made to reveal what lies beneath, what lies inside, a cut creating functionality in each object and, at the same time, giving rise to an aesthetic able to evoke emotion. The interior thus transpires outside, showing the true essence of the wood; a shift in perception of the matter that identifies the object as having a dual functional nature, a visible area and a hidden compartment allowing for differential storage of objects to display and those to conceal.”

Of course the best part of all of this is seeing the process of how this stylish furniture comes together, and what better way than with an equally stylish film of close-ups, drilling, sanding and gluing.


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