future-shipsYou could probably make a mountain out of Kinkajous, but I imagine it would be a painful climb… unless you had these links.

Russ Schwenkler Illustration – Future 3D ships and vehicles?Can we get enough. Not when they look like this.
Shadows in Photoshop – Making Shadows, like being hit in the face, is easy and fun. This however is less painful.
How to build an Upside-down Fire – 1) hang upside down 2) light hair.. I kid, this is actually for real an upside down fire.
The Color – At first I thought this was lame, then after coloring 92 images I liked it. Pace yourself.
18 Everyday Hack for Cooking from Scratch – Yeah, you know it. SolidSmack even has you covered on cooking. We can’t let that brain shrivel up now.
10 Sci-fi devices nearing Reality – Welcomez to the Future! Enjoy your auto-healing, ivisi-robo, underwater, space-translator doohickey.
Grzegorz Jonkaztys – Mind-bending animation from Polish director [youtube link] wow.


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