Five, even six would be ok, but if take another one of those creatures into the field I’ll be cleaning actuators and lookin’ at these links all night. Where’s my grease gun?

Futuristic Graphic User Interfaces – I’m eating this stuff up. Cool futuristic UI design and how to make them using good ol’ Photoshop. Go on and make the future look cool.
Design Your Dwelling – Google Sketchup and Dwell Magazine would like you to test your skills and design a home overlooking the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.
3d Around You – So what would happen if you’re sitting in a room and it suddenly changed to another room. think about and watch this.
The Dome Home – It’s all the craze in Japan. A few basic parts and your set. You could throw one up in the back yard for your mother-in-law.
X-Ray Photography – Add that extra dimension to your photos. Results are impressive


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