fujikawa-350It was more than any single person could bare to look at. All this soup and one small runt of a raccoon baby to eat it. There was buttered toast as well, with jam and a side of these links.

Render Robot Illustration – If you don’t look at Norio Fujikawa’s portfolio, you will kick yourself in the face repeatedly. Rippin’ SWEET.
Easily Pin Folders – Vista has some annoying qualities. Pinning folders to the start menu is one of them. Here’s the easy way.
Coraline – Heralded and the most visually stunning 3D experience yet, this Tim Burton Henry Selick movie even has a cool website. Check it out, go see the flick.
Ultimate Computer Repair Utility – This all-in-one, self-contained set of programs will be an asset for any computer cleanin’ geek.***
Amplified Journeys – Cool new site from harmon/kardon. Put your travel route, music preference and get a playlist. great way to find new tunes.
30+ Sites When You’re Laid-Off – Now, somebody just needs to roll these into one site, but no need to be picky.
Easy Photoshop Color replacement – easy? really easy.

Update: the original site for the repair kit had to take the zip file down, but you can still put it together from the list.


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