buckets-of-dataYou have buckets and buckets of data. I mean it’s almost ridiculous how much information you’re trying to manage. So how do you do it? How do you backup your data and make sure it’s actually backed-up, as in protected, sealed, SAFE. I’ll give a a hint… it’s probably not how you do it now.

Lou Gallo of SolidWorks Heard, takes a look at the backup reality, finds interesting results, and tells you what to use to get your data really backed-up correctly. Here’s what to take away.

The real cost
Hop over to Lou’s and take a look at the results he finds about how companies view and use backup. STAGGERING. In addition, I find that companies/people do not like the cost of backing-up data ‘in the cloud’ – on another server somewhere. To them, it either makes data less accessible or is just too expensive.

Just like Lou’s finding, people are storing their data, backing it up locally on tape drives or to other servers. If your back-up data is in the same location, on the same power grid, in the same building as you are… it’s not really a safe back-up. In fact, the real cost here is when power is lost, server rooms are destroyed or the guy making the back-ups suddenly quits.

Get in the cloud
The cloud or cloud storage is nothing more than putting your info on a server offsite so you can access it from anywhere. As Lou explains, there’s cost effective ways of doing this.

Amazon S3 and JungleDisk
Amazon’s storage service, Amazon S3, is for many needs, the best, most cost effective way to store data. A way to store and backup info easily is what keeps many from using it. JungleDisk changes this. For a flat $20, you get complete access to storing your data on Amazon S3 ($0.15/GB). You can’t beat that, even for home use.

Check it out. I think you’ll be happy, especially when you know all your data is securely backed-up.

Make a Backup Plan


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