The charge lifted the water and, filtering through the droplets, formed multiple orbs of static mist. Our blades would have to be faster than its, and the only advantage we had were the rail laser grease drippings of these links.

Beeple – “Dude who makes crap.” From the commically surreal ‘Little Rocket Man’ to other giant monsters, mechs, and oddities, Mike Winkelmann goes beyond the mundane.

Modernising Nature – Could flip through these all day. Zak van Biljon uses infrared photography¬†for ‘Modernising Nature‘, showcasing vivid pink and red landscapes.

A complete guide to iconography – Bonnie Kate Wolf has written a guide to help you become a person who loves to design icons or, at the very least, appreciate it.

The Icebreaker – Timelab short film shot in the Artic showing 7 days aboard the Russian icebreakers ‘Yama’ and “30 Years of Victory”.

Dota Underlords – Debuted at E3, this new strategy battler game is now in early access, with crossplay on mobile and PC.

Potter’s Hand – Completely captivated by Wanjon Gim’s drawings detailing the nuanced colors and textures of bare skin. Those hands. On Instagram here – somewhat NSFW.

For How Long You Have Been Avoiding the Earth – Hailing from Seattle, Casey Curran has created interactive systems that invite you to watch his sculptures, and also participate in their movement.

The Git Up – Go’on do the 2 step, then cowboy boogie, grab your sweetheart an’ spin out with’em – Yeah, you know the dance, or should, if not, lesson.

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