Once Poppero had entered the wooded clearing, the thundering clouds rolled atop the trees, the shadows falling to the ground between the wind and golden leaves. Nothing stopped the ground from splitting, opening the rooted layers, reveling the tendrils frozen by these links.

Rodrigo Enrique Luff – His moleskin sketchbook pieces (as well as his other paintings) are layer upon layer of pigmented emotion.
Obsessive Soda Pop – Forced to look into other soda by the price of Pepsi, John turns an interest into a obsession of soda.
Urban Skiing – It’s winter somewhere. In this case, it’s Russia, where the Niwitz crew did a little ski adventure in the Murmansk Oblast.
Surreal Body painting – Remember drawing eyes on your hands? Choo-san has a way with the brush, turning the skin into something else entirely.
Inventionland – How would you like for this to be your office? Me? I prefer the porch table, with a glass of lemonade.
Glasses – Google glasses to be exact. Five skydivers share the experience live via a Hangout session. This… is just… cool.
3D Pencil Art – But not like you think. This work by Nagai Hideyuki turns the pages of a sketchpad into sweet three dimensional scenes.
Dream to Fly – a great toon style animation from Sascha Geddert created in less than 72 hours. It takes a little more than just dreaming.


Josh is founder and editor at SolidSmack.com, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.