I’ve seen it before. It goes pop, pop, pop, haaaaaroooooop and then all those tentacles smack your face. Once is bad, but falling for it again makes you these links.

Daniel Lovas – Hard to believe, but yes, there’s actually someone out there that creates incredible 3D Sci-Fi Illustrations.
The Evolution of Storage – if it hadn’t evolved, you would be carrying 109,227 floppy discs around and looking the fool.
Powder. Skate. – Everything, especially skateboarding, looks more interesting when covered with colored powder.
Colourlovers Themeleon – probably the coolest app I’ve seen to make your Twitter page not ugly.
Money Faces Art – Oh, what times we can have with a bill and half a face.
AT-AT LEGO – Like recreating scenes from Star Wars for your friends? How about using LEGO’s to do it?
Panic Attack! – I remember when this happened to me as a child. I’m talking about the robot invasion.


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