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Before the end of this post you will be Sugru-ing a ceramic cup to your face or you’ll want to. We missed the big news last week, but better late than taken unaware and slapped with a silicon oven mitt.

You may have heard about Sugru a few months back, but last week it happened. You can now buy it. What is it? Possibly, the coolest material of the century. It’s a pliable, ‘clay-like’ silicon that cures at room temperature. Oh, it’s also waterproof, heat-resistant, dishwasher safe and sticks to nearly everything. Getting the idea? Here’s what’s cool.

Hack, Design, Re-design

You have bits of half-functional products laying around simply because they split, crack or explode too early. The idea with Sugru is to toss the idea of buying something new, instead of tossing what you broke. Call Sugru multi-purpose super-glue and them slap yourself because it’s so much more. Here are some possibilities. (Click to enlarge)

Personally, about the only thing I can think of using Sugru for right now are soft pliable tentacles I can permanently attach to anything. ANYTHING. Which gets into another aspect of Sugru’s amazing possibilities. Design. Yes, Tentacles to design – a perfectly acceptable train of thought. Since Sugru can be formed, you can bet it can be molded. Have you ever had product ideas that just seem to incredible to prototype? Sugru could be your answer.

To explain it’s potential (and yours) a little better, here’s Sugru’s creator, Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh…

You can pre-order Sugru in three hack pack sizes for the same £7 each (approx $11.18 / €7.62 with free shipping.) Plus, you have four color options to totally make your hacks stand out and make people question your brilliance. Since last week, they’ve completely sold off their first batch and are taking orders for the next.

Wondering how it’s being used? Check out this Flickr Search. You can also, follow Sugru on Twitter.

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