And when, without warning, the order to charge came down, they launched the orange ox into the air. To their delight, it did transform, but not into what they had expected. Instead, it took the form of beard. A beard shaped with electrifying beeswax of these links.

Martin Ansin – From editorials and ads to posters and cover art, the deliciously, distinguishable illustration of Martin Asin.
Parents Child Switch Heads – I always thought this would be sort of fun, until it actually happened to me, on a Saturday, in a crowded mall.
Craft Coffee – I’m not addicted to coffee, but I am addicted to awesome. This gets your fix and you’re part of a club too.
Geek Alphabet – From (A)tari to (Z)elda, this is the alphabet that many of us grew/grow up learning.
How to Split water – Turns out axes don’t works so well. Silicon and sunshine on the other hand.
Cutters – Animated papery goodness when a world of planted paper is attacekd by cutters.
50 Killer Apps for your Chromebook – Have one yet? If you do, nearly all of these will be enjoyed.

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