What’s big, bright and full of light? The SES2 light kit from 9b Studios. If you recall the first Studio Environment Set (SES1) from render rocker Yazan Malkosh, you’ll know awesome, easy-to-use light presets for modo, Microstation and SolidWorks are the name of the game. This version brings in 50 more HDR images spherically mapped for your environment illuminating pleasure.

SES2 Light Kit

The new presets for the SES2 kit
The 50 new environment presets for the SES2 kit

To see the range of lighting, you must, MUST, go to the Luxology’s SES2 product page and cycle through the sample spheres half-way down the page. You’ll get a better idea at the subtle changes across all the images. As before, it’s easy to install and easy to use. It automatically shows up in your modo preset browser, but you’ll need to add the location to the SolidWorks. The modo version comes with a few extra materials presets for you – materials for use as platforms and to help speed up overall render times.

Three presets applied to an assembly model in SolidWorks. Simple as a clicking on a new environment.
Three presets applied to an assembly model in SolidWorks. Simple as selecting a new environment.

Just giving the new presets a whirl in SolidWorks, I can say it greatly expands the amount of scene options you have. (Sick of “Warm Kitchen” yet?) As always, you can adjust the scene to your liking and save it out. And wouldn’t you know it? It works just fine with Photoview360. purchase the SES2 kit at Luxology for $69.

Image / Evan Gooding

Image / Rob Rodriguez

Intro image by Yazan Malkosh of 9b Studios, creator of the SES2 light kit.


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