The dust tumbled off the sill of the open window as his boots fell one after the other against the plank floor. “Why you’re full of nothing but prunes and palaver!” came the voice from the corner, “Going on as you do with this and that and the other and I’ll tell you what, you son of a gun, I’ll beat you silly and…” In all the beguiling talk, out spilled these links.

Ted Lockwood – And this is what amazingly creative character design, nay, artistry looks like.
Muppets do Nirvana – Don’t knock it, until you hear it. – Thanks Irene!
Biomimicry War – From Crab bots and Gecko bots to super strong octupus camo and Mollusk armor. Thanks Martyn!
My Robot Nation – Design and 3D print your very own robot army.
News360 – A super cool news article app. Pulls in content from other sources based on the site you’re at. Has bot Mobile and browser apps.
Marcel the Shell – It’s disturbing to me that a shell, with one eye, rides a bug, or a catepillar, and sleeps on a muffin when staying at a hotel.
Ronnie Koff – The works of the man who rebranded Science. Imaginary Forces director Ronnie Koff.
Rollercoaster sculpture – If you ran fast enough, you might be able to make it around the loop. Ready, set… Via MSNBC photoblog.
Brave – The new trailer from Pixar for the movie Brave, releasing June 2012 at a theater near you.


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