Why I remember when we would empty that rusty container… so long ago. It smelled of butter and when you saw what crawled out… son, you’d throw these links right at’em.

Dan Blomberg – This chunky, dark illustration style of Dan Blomberg pops of detail. Scenes, vehicles and fabulous buildings.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – This is so juvenile, but makes me so glad I didn’t have to fight off seven evil ex’s.
Ax Sling – Can you say “Ax Sling”? I can. I can also say the only thing better would be a double ax sling.
5 free open-source software alternative for small business – They’re free and open-source, but would you use them? I’d still go for Google apps.
Get up and Go – The imagery is amazing, but the music just makes it. Time lapse shot on a Canon 7D.
SumoPaint – Yes, another online image editor, but where other try to mimic Photoshop, this is almost exactly the same.
Amazing use of space – What can you fit inside a 505 sq. ft apartment?


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