What’s better than exporting out an .STL file and uploading your precious 3D geometry to be printed? Not exporting an .STL, that’s what.

Today Shapeways releases their 3D print add-in for SolidWorks which allows you direct upload capability from the SolidWorks user interface. There are other 3D print add-ins for SolidWorks but none with the visibility that Shapeways has and certainly none with the same amount of options and materials to go from digital to physical overnight. Here are more details to get you printing.

You can download the plugin here. It’s a quick install and you’re off and running printing parts. (They need to be part files.) You’ll need a Shapeways account, but that’s a quick sign-up.

Note: After installing, you’ll need to go to the Shapeways install drive (C:Program FilesShapeways) and run the reg.bat for the add-in to show up at the bottom of the SolidWorks add-in list (Tools, Add-Ins…).

Interesting sidenote: On the Shapeways loader, you’ll notice a copyright notice by Prodima. Prodima is an reseller involved in the implementation of Enterprise PDM solutions based out of the Netherlands.

via Shapeways


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