Now that’s a mess to be impressed with. Just look at the style, the fluid lines. And you’re saying it only took 5 yaks, 20 amps and these links? Very impressive.

Andree Wallin – He is a feasting piranha that creates amazingly composed scenes of city and machine. Jump on in.
Did You Know? – I’m sure you did, but talking on a cellphone the size of a blood cell… is just way cool.
Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRA – Still tuckin’ money away under the sheets? This might lead you to a better option.
Making Big Daddy Bioshock – He’s Big, he’s tough, he has a drill. Here is one prop builders process to create the protector from start to finish.
The Intricate Art of the Banknote – This barely touches the surface of what’s out there, but maybe you’ll appreciate your bills even more now.
30 Pro Logo Design Processes Revealed – OOooo, the secret is out. Step one: draw, step two: draw, step three: cool logo.
Record Pictures – You know those old government and engineering industrial documentary photos. That would be these.

Bonus! Random Awesomeness:
1 Million Spiders – you to can create a rare silk cloth. Spider handlers and the 1,000,000 spiders not included.
Biz Development Tips for Entrepreneurs – Glory be! Business Dev? Yes, and all you need to know is wrapped up in this tiny little post.


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