Technology is changing and growing faster than your mangy hair. And like the hair, it’s time to think about a little trim and a wee bit o’ style.

Not so long ago, many ‘CAD technicians’ used a tablet menu to pick and click their way to 2-dimensional, layer switchin’ bliss. We’ve seen a transition, moving away from menu tablets to on-screen menus, on through marking menus and mouse gestures, and then back picking commands via touch-screen. Product development is heading for a change as are the devices we use. So, in the future…

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The Dawn of Tablet Computing

I’m guessing most will probably choose the tablet option, and for good reason. In the very near future, we will most likely design on something completely different. Apple has been teasing about an Apple Tablet. Microsoft says the Microsoft Courier Tablet is in the “late prototype” phase. Wacom Tablets are already used by many graphic design professionals.

And this is just the first phase of what we can recognize for where design is heading. I’m sure, in the future, we’ll have another poll asking if you would prefer to model using ‘HoloTabs’ or ‘Direct Material Deposition Virtualizers (DMDV’ers)’… or something. Yes, I made that up.

Right now, I’m thinking there is a small minority that already use a Wacom tablet for 3D modeling. Who are you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image via Gizmodo


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