kid-drawing-photos.jpgNo, seriously, they came out of nowhere and took my toothpicks, canteen and a small stash of onions in my back pockets… Left me with these stupid links.

Dipity – Why does someone always think of a way to create interactive timelines before I do? This is so seriously cool.
Vibram FiveFingers – Hey look hon, gloves for my feet. he! no slipping on mossy rocks anymore. I’m getting one of each color.
Blowtorch – Your chance to pitch a movie, go shoot it and be cool… or be really lame at pitching movies.
Tools for your Video Career – With these, the video you come up above may be less lame. Some good info on liveStreaming and distro.
CreativeSpace Image Search – a really quick and fun way to find photos. Wish some programs I use had search functions like this’un.
Interpretive Kid Drawing Photos – or somethin’. This is what kid drawings would look like through the interpretive lens of a photographer.


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