microsoft-live-mesh.jpgLast night at 11 PM CST Microsoft let loose the fetters of Live Mesh, a new platform technology to synchronize and interact with data across any device and access it from anywhere from any computer or browser.

Oh, but it’s so much more and it could, and I think will, affect how you work with CAD in ways you may not realize.

Please Explain
Ok, Mesh is not just a web app or program. It’s an entire operating environment. If you think of it like a GoToMyPC + FolderShare + Plaxo Pulse you start to get the picture and a little more excited, but there’s still more.

Additionally, Mesh can run items offline, uses standard protocols like ATOM, RSS, JSON, and HTTP, plus has a software developer’s kit (SDK) to extend syncing and allow add-ins. It’s all the goodness of Web2.0 that can help CAD get there too.

How it Could (Will) Affect CAD
Five ways I see this affecting CAD and really how you work in general is having the ability to:

  • Run CAD and related programs on any device
  • Sync CAD data across multiple devices and locations
  • Access data anywhere
  • Work online or offline in a sychronous environment
  • Replicated vaults/directories

For example, SolidWorks could very well be tied into Mesh that syncs your data to other secured computers where people are working in the same projects while live information and communication about the design process is happening right before your eyes.

It’s in development beta right now and will probably be in full-force early fall 08. It all seems promising, but for it to hold any ground it’s going to have to gain adoption fast and adopting new tech tends to happens pretty slow in most companies using CAD.

What do you think?

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