Crunch. Crunch. Walking across the icy branches of dark Manitoban forest made the discomfort of the thumping unbearable. That is, until he realized this one thing. The thumping was he and the icy branches were these links.

Giuseppe Severino – I love good air ship/space craft art. A few hatches, a few antennas and some wings stickin’ out all over. Solid.
Workflowy – Do you like lists? You’ll love this. You’ll love it so much you’ll put it on a list of cool things list.
Life in the Lab – A look back at lab life through the lens of vintage photography.
How to email Virtual Assistants (or any assistant) – Handy pre-made templates to get you going with an assistant without all the back and forth.
Fastest Rollercoaster in the world – At 150mph, the Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi, is the fastest… may loosen your skin slightly.
iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry – If you use one or the other, this is how you view one or the other.
Geek Optimism – Technically, the glass is always full.
Windroplr – Upload, Sync, Drag, Snap, Drop files from your desktop. It’s free.


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