So, last week PTC announced their future Pro/E-CoCreate replacement, Creo. There were two bits of functionality that made me grab my jaw and yank hard. They had subdivision modeling happening within the history-based modeling environment, with the ability to drive it parametrically alongside the other geometry. They also featured an AnyRole app to take on any rendering. Once again, in the same environment. What technology is behind it? Here’s what PTC’s Mike Campbell had to say to our probing questions.

What is the background on the subdivision modeling? Is this developed by PTC? Licensed through T-splines?
The SubDiv technology is purely PTC developed. We know the T-Spline guys, and we’ve been talking with them about an interface between the tools, but the stuff we showed is pure PTC technology.

What is the rendering technology being used in Creo? I see Luxion is a partner. Are they providing the render technology?
There are two rendering technologies in Creo – some basic capabilities are PTC-developed, but the rendering technology we showed in the Rendering AnyRole App is mental images technology. Luxion is a partner, but we do not license their technology directly. They have a very slick interface to Creo, but that’s a separate product, that they sell.

If you saw the announcement, did you happen to catch these? Thoughts on how they worked?


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