The brush and warthog walk up over the hill in a merry sort of way. They hadn’t thought to consider what might be lurking just beyond the bend however. To their shock, it was another warthog, with a similar brush, combing these links into its hair.

Mathias Verhasselt – A visual development and Concept Design artist, Mathias mixes the best bits of sci-fi, robot, character and creature design into his exceptional illustrative style. Thanks Rod!!
Outdoor Safety Tips – We’re all safe indoors, but when it comes to outdoor, who knows what berries are dangerous or not. This site will help.
Alien Organic – Like looking over someones shoulder and seeing them draw. Me too. This is Thomas Hellesen sketching out in his Alien Organic style.
Robots for Everyone – As opposed to the alternative, Robots ‘eat’ everyone. This covers the rage that is LEGO and how kids are gaining programming skills.
Chromebook – Google’s Chromebook and Chrom OS may be the future. This is why… and why not.
15 Brilliant jQuery tuts – You like a little splash of visual programmatic bliss every once is a while? This will give you the jQuery joy.
Blio Reader – It’s out. It’s free. It’s full-color and it reads to you. It’s also only available for PC.

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